@picn2k camera (Patcher)

In today’s world, developing technological know-how and imaging software is a must on our phones, especially for women. Everyone wants satisfactory photos that they can share with friends and relatives. And now there are many image enhancement software on Google Play, App Store similar to B612, Camera360, PicsArt Oklahoma. Resolving suitable image enhancement software is not easy. Now I’m going to show you a professional snapshot booster that is very convenient to use. It is the @ picn2k camera application developed with the support of 2U Scientific Enterprise. This app is rated very well by users with 4.7 points.


A travel photographer photographer digicam

It is legal software that allows you to edit Korean style graphics. The Camera @ picn2k camera has special functions that make your portrait appear blurry or ugly. By setting the brightness and colors, the program helps your old photos to create a completely new, attractive image.

@ picn2k digicam has many crucial questions, including Indonesia (IN), Tokyo (TK), Okinawa (good enough), Saipan (SP), wedding (WD). Indonesian themes have bright colors, but still offer a feeling of relief and the wonderful thing about nature. If you are a lover of the romantic genre, you cannot ignore the Tokyo theme. This theme has a soothing melody of the sunset afternoons. Most of the time, the fascinating colors of the cherry blossoms convey an impressive photo. The owners come to Okinawa when you travel to the sea. It gives you the feeling of relaxation and coolness with the shimmer of sunlight shining down from the sea. that you can use more catch for Saipan to convey the poetic style of the Spanish country. Legal notices for photographers you may want to know may be posted. There are functional tips to help you take your everyday photos, such as travel. Don Weather needs everything else with its unique revision tools!


Reliable change tool

The @ picn2k digital camera has developed effects that help you not spend much time improving pictures, but still get great photos. You can also change any element to your liking. The customization software that allows you to rotate and crop your images is amazing. The highlighting device makes the most important points of your pictures softer and softer. The brightness tool tracks the brightness. If your photo is too bright or too dark, you can adjust the brightness here. In addition, the digital camera @ picn2k also has many fun symbols and stickers that can be inserted into snapshots.


The camera software @ picn2k has a user-friendly layout. At the core of the screen is the image that you may change. The button is again in the photo gallery in the upper left corner. The higher correct angle is the alternative to avoid wasting your product. At the bottom of the screen you will find a number of change options with which you can edit the image, including the selection of filters, lighting devices and effects, for which you can edit details such as brightness, darkness, noise, education



First select the photo you want to edit in the gallery. Then edit the picture with the selection in the wall below. You can select filters and change the parameters as you wish. After the change, buy the image by clicking the arrow button in the upper corresponding corner of the screen. So you created a snapshot to share with your friends or family.!!

Google Play Link


@picn2k camera [Patcher] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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