Palette Pika (Update v1.0) Paid

Palette Pika is the first sticker application for editing photos and images from Palette. In contrast to previous programs such as the Paris Palette or the HK Palette, Palette Pika focuses more on women. With this application you can turn a selfie with a gentle face into a charming lady.

Advanced download for Palette Pika APK v1.0 (Premium) for Android

However, Palette Pika APK does not focus on image processing, but creates the special thing about decorative stickers. There are many types of exclusive stickers to choose from. Label shops require:
1. Sparkling sticker: Sparkling star-shaped stickers are full of dreams and cuteness.
2. Delicious Stickers: These are stickers related to sweets like chocolate or ice cream cake.
3. Hand-painted labels: Fun stickers are easily drawn by hand.
4. Angel sticker: We will transform you into an angel with a number of cute stickers in your head like crown, necklace, hairpin, hair band.
5. Girly sticker: All great women are right here
6. Pixel stickers: A nice sticker shop for children

Whatever your hobby, with APK Palette Pika it is practical to find the best for you and to redesign yourself as a beautiful woman with cute and funny stickers. Pika Palette for Android is an important photo editing application for every woman. The application allows customers to avoid wasting absolutely high quality photos best after enhancement and sharing on standard social networks like fb, IG, Twitter and even sending to neighbors with Messenger.!!

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Palette Pika (APK File)

Thanks for downloading!

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