ibis Paint X (MOD, Prime Unlocked)

Do you like to paint portraits but don’t have time to sit and draw for hours? Do you like to draw but don’t have any painting tools? You should use ibis Paint X and create graphics easily. Not only is this app the best application for presenting valuable tools, it was also created with the aim of connecting character lovers and establishing their own drawing skills. If you are a fan of additional drawing, Paint Paint X is the best app for you to increase your drawing potential.


How can you dress better?

ibis Paint X offers many theoretical lectures and publications so that users can use the functions of their application. The developer has made some suggestions for beginners that if you want to be an excellent artist, you have to be a fan of drawing and drawing. Legitimate illustrators started drawing at a young age and practiced daily to improve their talents. Whenever you are free, you can draw pictures with ibis Paint X. They will surely bring you joy and entertainment.


Create the main artwork

When registering, select My Library Collection and set the drawing area to start drawing. Canvas has many exclusive sizes to choose from: 1: 1, 3: 4, 16: 9. You can add additional SD (for small images) and HD resolution (for extremely large images). ). Depending on your cell configuration, even maximum levels can be replaced. However, if your device has less space in the case, you should choose SD because the memory size is very small.


Many priceless functions

If you are a favorite illustrator of manga / anime scenes or genres, you can draw them on a historical pattern on paper (screen tones) and use the body splitter to split the frame and enter text. Text to enter text content and edit the font as you like. Son Lad X X Offers the bare essentials to perform as a real manga artist and artist. When the sketch is finished, the color becomes more vivid. Please like the wheel palette and then change the color to compare with the HSB, RGB or gradient results. You can also use over 30 free color filters to quickly color your sketches.

These color filters are very special and the wise AI process sets the main points in your sketch so that they are colored accordingly. However, if you feel that the colors of the filters are not compatible, you can also use brushes and fill them with details that need to be easily converted. In addition, ibis Paint X has many different tools that can be compared to “Undo” (with which you can undo several steps if you are no longer satisfied with some details). Color choice, education


Unlimited specific creation.

ibis Paint X has one hundred and forty types of brushes with which you can draw important points perfectly. These types of pens are completely free for you: ink pens, dip pens, markers, pencils, any pen shape can be shaped and you can customize some parameters of the pen, including opacity, thickness, measurement.You can also use more than two hundred special paper materials, including Backgrounds, past colors, contour effects and many different patterns. Combine with over 40 patterns to highlight your portrait. For those who don’t want to color your drawings, using patterned patterns is a sensible alternative.


With tools and rulers, you can easily and efficiently draw more designs. If you are an illustrator and comic, the ruler is not available in most cases. It will help you create straight, circular, elliptical strains, and arrange views in a great approach. You can also effectively resize an object using the grid type. All you have to do is select the object and then drag and drop to conveniently resize it.


ibis Paint X is a huge photo sharing community. There is a lot of manga in the timeline, illustrations by others. You can also share your images to improve interoperability. You don’t need to be able to share your snapshot in the Paint X ibis group, but you can share more on extensive social networking sites like fb and Instagram. has started applications for techniques on Android and IOS. If your device uses iOS 9.zero Workflow Android 4.1 or higher, you can download this application completely free of charge.

MOD data?


Google Play Link


ibis Paint X [UNLOCKED] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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