Camera FV-5 (paid/patched)

At the present time basically the most convenient and convenient utilities for customers. When you needed a call decades ago, you wanted a camera, film, drama, or film, but they all became too bulky and light. , Nowadays there is so much to vary that each of them is integrated into smartphones. For example, mobile phone manufacturers are increasingly specializing in work photos to bring the digicam aperture to the highest possible level or to install some cameras to enable special shots. However, compared to graphics that are intrigued by real cameras, there is still a gap. Customers who see the application make their work more creative.

There are a lot of apps for that, but I can support you with one that I think is very good. It is no longer suitable for immediate improvements or particularly good results. With FV-5 you can capture the best moments for later photo editing. The only limit is your creativity. FGAE – Camera Production Studio FV-5 has also made interesting efforts in the production of photography applications. must have their product, although not famous, but its first class is fairly stable. Many versions are created and new updates for bug fixes are published.

Do you want reliable image processing software for your mobile phone?

Just like a real digital camera, your phone is now able to adjust your photo settings as quickly and easily as possible. They are all equipped on the screen, you can now click and edit them. Exposure compensation, ISO, exposure metering mode, focus mode, white balance and application mode are the hottest things when you want to take a great photo. The element specified here is that these modes are displayed in real time. The application also supports longer exposure times than normal. This is a first class support for those who need to use Pix at night with an exposure time up to 30 seconds. Works that are appropriated in poor lighting conditions can also be beautiful if they are processed with this application.


The output file is very powerful and enables the creation of JPEG files with the highest reminiscence, 16 bit without processing in a DNG structure and lossless PNG data codec. Increased sending becomes much more difficult if the image is not out of focus or reliability is the greatest benefit in use. Beautiful photos are actually processed and exported at the first high rate.

To make it easier to take photos, all buttons are integrated into the number buttons on the phone body. If you have an account that doesn’t always have to be hidden on the screen, you can ruin photos or hold the phone with one hand to take a selfie and don’t touch the digital button. EV, ISO, color temperature and filler settings are available for these buttons.

The final part

Of course, there are still specifications that the application supports so strongly that you can check to find out more. Customers will notice a significant difference when using the application compared to using the standard mobile camera. In addition, the user interface is easy to use and supports over 30 special languages ​​worldwide.!!

Google Play Link


Camera FV-5 [Patched] [APK FILE]

Camera FV-5 [Untouched] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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