ZEE5 (MOD, All Access Pack)

ZEE5 is one of the applications that provide top entertainment content in India, with full movies, tv shows and hundreds of full cricket TV channels. You will definitely want to try it now

Movies are the one Entertainment form is recognized by many and considered the most convenient. You can use your free time to watch the film, and it is not too binding. For example, if you are watching a movie and are sleepy, you can stop it and watch the next day. Even if you forget to pause, the next day can continue to search for the segment you are viewing quickly. Entertainment has never been that simple. If you use your free time to play online games, perhaps there is no stopping in the middle.


80+ LIVE TV channels and 100,000+ hours of video content

Thanks to such convenience, watching movies has become extremely popular around the world for hundreds of years. However, technology has grown huge leaps and offers viewers useful facts that you can hardly refuse. A small example is an era before, you need to have VCD / DVD, and with a device that can read compatible data, you can watch movies.

Then, since the opening of the internet has become more and more powerful, it is easier to watch online videos through a laptop or other devices. At the present time, you only need an application that is suitable for your operating system to be able to follow all the movies in the world already. If you are using an Android device and have a passion for film from the Middle East, select ZEE5 – Movies, TV Shows, LIVE TV & Originals. This is genuinely an application that will allow users to experience the most valuable entertainment hours at this time. It was rated extremely high through its community and also received over 50 million downloads. That achievement deserves the efforts that publishers have made over the years since it was released so far.


Why choose ZEE5?

Z5X Global FZ LLC regularly updates new features to improve the user experience for its products. In this version, your favorite Shows, Movies, and Videos will be updated more frequently and more frequently in the app store. It also connects to other addresses to get rich and diverse content sources. You can easily search on its 6 bar with much-improved speed. For those who have a lot of free time to watch movies, they may spend a lot of time enjoying them. The names they know are also gradually depleted, so it is necessary to recommend a good deal to match the taste & preferences. Finally, this application has a massive upgrade of the technology you can when it allows you to watch movies continuously for a longer time than before. Thanks to the application have added the latest battery saving technology; the phone can live longer, you will be able to watch more movies without charging. If you have a spare charger or it is always possible to plug the charger straight into the power source, that’s another story.


As mentioned above, this is a free application for content lovers of the Middle East. Therefore, the languages ​​here are always the most preferred. The movies you watch will be released in five different languages: Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu. In fact, they will have slightly different characteristics based on the regions where the story takes place. However, everyone knows that it will have subtitles in the world’s most popular languages, including English. No matter where you are, you can still enjoy the films bearing the most unique culture of this land. For Shows & Movies, you feel that it is good to download for offline viewing. Convenient and straightforward when you are a person who does not have too much time to enjoy continuous episodes via the internet.


Smart Content Search makes one of the latest feature systems newly added. Users can search for their favorite movies through Voice Search and recommendations. Finally, you can expect the newest content to be released at the same time as mainstream rights thanks to the Seamless Streaming system. In addition to the movie content, “ZEE5” also provides you with many of the most popular music videos. You can watch and listen to songs from beloved music superstars and their blockbuster hits in HD from Bollywood, Marathi, Bangla, Telugu movies, albums & more.

Read Instructions Carefully!
  1. Open the ZEE5 app, search for movies or TV shows you want to download
  2. Select “Share” and copy the URL
  3. Open OFFMP4 then paste the newly copied URL, then click download.
  4. Choose the format to download (1080p is the highest)
  5. Open m3u8 file with M3U8 Player

Google Play Link


ZEE5 [Full Pack] [APK FILE]


Thanks for downloading!

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