Podcast Addict (Donate Version)

Podcasts are currently perhaps the highest quality form of entertainment for audio devices. Usually, if the smartphone is not yet normal, the radio or Mp3 is considered a great tool to record these indicators. However, if smartphones get strong, appreciate them. All entertainment can be integrated into it. The Addict podcast was started by Xavier Guillemane and gave users a pleasant experience with postcard notifications. With over 9 million downloads, 450,000 reviews, 1 billion downloaded episodes and an overall rating of 4.6 / 5, this app is also ranked number 1 in this class.


Podcast application number 1 on Android

Podcast Addict was developed to offer customers a pleasant listening experience with entertainment tips. Now you may not have much time to watch movies or play video games. Therefore, hearing is probably the most comfortable and powerful process. Podcast software Podcast Addict is designed to be the best tool for users around the world. With this utility, you can combine and edit virtually any other preferred audio entertainment environment. Podcasts, radios, audio books, live streaming, YouTube channels, Twitch, SoundCloud and RSS feeds are integrated into the Podcast Addict programs.


The Podcast Addict game’s user interface is user-friendly for most users. It organizes the whole thing like a real social community. At the top of the publication we see circular symbols that customers can use to manipulate all secrets and learn how to navigate their programs. The categories that have been created according to many special criteria are listed below. The culmination will likely be trends that show all the things that are most often seen. In the following, all audio formats of interesting entertainment apps are usually organized for new content and then for high audio, so that gamers can search for an effective way. If you do not agree with the content, you may be able to search for the most important terms that come to your mind.


The Addict podcast works like an interesting community where all your favorite content can be subscribed to. As long as you have subscribed, you will always get it when these channels have new audio. Just sign up to apply. You can enjoy new content freely.


When using sound, sound and special effects are the most obvious. The built-in audio results correspond to the playback speed, volume control, mute and monophonic playback. These are all prepared in the app so that you can quickly revise them. It can be mentioned that this result adjustment process works very well and is applied to streaming audio and downloaded documents. In addition, you can easily sort documents that you have downloaded into your gadget into clear playlists for a convenient and entertaining search. Shuffle mode, repeat mode and sleep timer are wonderful improvements that customers can enjoy for hours more. If you want to secure everything to make room for your device, don’t be afraid to put it in cloud mode.

MOD data

Add unlocked items – you don’t need to add locks.
Deactivate / remove unwanted rights + recipients and services;
Analytics / Crashlytics is deactivated.
AOSP compliant.!!

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Podcast Addict [Donate Version] [MOD] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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